Rockford Scanner™: Potential For A Winter Storm With The Possibility of Several Inches On The Way

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Update for Monday-Tuesday Potential Winter Storm*

Impacting winter weather is in the forecast for at least a large part of the area for Monday-Tuesday, as details gradually become more refined.

Still some noteworthy uncertainty though on placement and duration of wintry weather.

The orange shaded area though continues to look the most favored for snow totals exceeding 4” and potentially exceeding 6”.

The snow will be a heavy, wet type of snow.

Continue to check our other graphics and more information if traveling during that period.

As always, stay tuned for the latest updates, which could include winter headline issuances on Sunday.


Here is a forecast timeline of potential impacting weather during the Monday-Tuesday period.

Still some noteworthy uncertainty, but our confidence is gradually increasing in a few key aspects of this event, including that 6+” of snow is likely in some part of northern Illinois (most likely north of I-80), and the main impact time being later Monday – Tuesday morning.




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