Rockford Scanner™: Possible Corona Virus (COVID-19) Case in Rockford

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WTVO: Officials have confirmed Rockford residents are being tested for possible COVID-19.

The Winnebago County Health Department released a statement Saturday afternoon that said in part:

“We understand that this is concerning to the community but want to assure that the necessary precautions are being taken by the healthcare professionals and first responders who care for these individuals. We also ask the community to understand that individuals who are being evaluated and monitored need to have their privacy protected and our compassion and concern. These are difficult times for all. “

Officials say they are currently monitoring the patients until they have been cleared by the health department. None of patients have been confirmed with the virus. (Update: Great news, they were Negative)

They say they do expect in the future to have confirmed cases associated with community transmission or spread in the disease.


Sources are reporting a victim in Rockford that possibly has the Corona virus (COVID-19) in Rockford. 

Around 4 am this morning sources were reporting a person was brought into a local hospital that possibly has the corona virus.

The sick person was recently in contact with someone that had a confirmed case of the corona virus.

They then got sick themselves after the contact and needed to be transported to a local hospital.

The hospital was taking all safety precautions as necessary.

At the time of writing this: The person is sick and had recently been in contact with someone who has the corona virus and the local hospital was treating the victim and was taking all precautions necessary.

On a side note: The local health department had just recently released some information on the corona virus.


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Disclaimer: As you know the local police have encrypted, have not released any information, etc…
They rarely ever do release information to the public, since encrypting. So do not expect any updates.

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