Rockford Scanner™: Porch Pirates Strike The Rolling Green Neighborhood Again




As you know the Winnebago County has been plagued with porch pirates recently. 

Some people have vowed to take things into their own hands, because they feel the local police are not doing anything about the situation.  

Many citizens and victims have expressed how extremely mad they are, at all the crime in the Winnebago County area these days. 

And the lack of criminals being apprehended.

Below you can read a few statements from victims: 

  • “(Winnebago County) is like a playground for criminals because they know they won’t get caught and if they do it is a slap on the wrist and back on the streets to commit more crimes” ~ D.M.
  • ” I may as well become a thief myself, because it seems they get away with all the spoils and no repurcussions” ~ S.O. 
  • ” We are highly disappointed in the local law enforcement in not doing their civic duties in protecting our citizens and property” ~ J.J. 
  • ” If police aren’t going to do anything, then I will” ~ I.E. 
  • ” Police should un-encrypt their radios and give us citizens a fighting chance,  at least we can have a heads up on who to look out for to call them to catch them. Police never release information to the public since they encrypted their radios. I have lived in many areas over the years and the local law enforcement around here act just like criminals themselves” ~ B.J. 
  • “My childrens Christmas is ruined. Their hearts are broken and my heart broke seeing them cry. They stole all my childrens Christmas presents and the police don’t care” ~ G.K. 

“Probably the only sure-fire way to defeat porch pirates is to have deliveries made to shippers drop off points, rather than to your home. Many Rockford retailers  serve as drop-off points for package shippers, where you can go to pick up your shipments.” ~Kerry


Local police suggest that the citizens do not take things into their own hands, and to contact the police instead. 

One of the areas that keeps coming up in the reports to us, is the Rolling Green neighborhood. 

As you can see in the video below, the porch pirates are still striking the Rolling Green area.  

This video was from the Rolling Green area, earlier today. 

The victim said she called police to file a report, but the police have yet to come take the report. 

And she said that when she called, the calltaker told her “Police were drowning in reports of these types of crimes”  

If you recognize the vehicle or suspect in the video below, call police. 



After we posted this, the Cherry Valley PD posted this.

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