Update: Possible Escaped Convict: Police Helicopter And Many Emergency Personnel Working A Scene

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Update: Sources said the person of interest was located.

If police release information on this, we will update this. 

Update from RS source Kevin N Marlena Beck:
“They are looking for a guy that broke out of his handcuffs and took off on foot.

They arent saying too much about it but they had to lock down some of the businesses and that was their reason.”

Police have not released any information to confirm this yet.

Sources are reporting numerous police and a police helicopter working a scene on the East side. 

Several reports of numerous police and a police helicopter working a scene near the Mulford Park Apartments. 

A few reports have said this is a possible shooting scene. 

Reports of a police perimeter in the area as well. 

Officials have not yet confirmed anything. 

Video by RS Source

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