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Magma Airline Air Atlanta Boeing 747-400 at the Rockford Airport


First and foremost a HUGE SHOUT-OUT to all the aviation fans!   You guys and gals are amazing! 
Thank you so much for all the information and photos. Keep up the great job! 

Yesterday I made a post about a beautiful Boeing 747-400 that was going to be taking off from the Rockford (KRFD) Airport that was headed to Germany.  You can read about it at  Click Here

After posting,  Several sources at the airport told us some more information that we cold share with our fans.

Come to find out they have had several Boeing 747-400 at the airport recently 🙂

On Sunday, 11-22 this Atlas Air 747 came in early around 7 am and spent most of the day at the International Ramp before leaving for Frankfurt about 2:45 pm. This image shows it leaving off Runway 25.

Atlas Air Boeing 747 at the Rockford Airport

Here is a photo of the Magma 747 that came into Rockford on November 16. This was taken just west of Belvidere as it was lining up for a landing on Runway 25. The Magma flights have been running for a few months now, usually coming in on Monday and Thursdays. They typically spend about 5 hours in town. Yesterday they came in about 3 a.m. and then didn’t leave until 5 p.m.

Magma Airline landing at the Rockford Airport

Source told us:  This week there were two 747’s. One came from Alaska, the one that came in yesterday. The one to and from Germany comes every weekend and sometimes early in the week if it doesn’t make it on the weekend.

The one from Alaska is new this week. It came in 11:02 pm from Anchorage on Saturday. GTI8438 , GTI8237 then took off for Germany Sunday 2:30pm.

With that new addition to the Rockford Airport being built there will be room for more 747’s in the near future.
It is supposed to be done by Spring or Summer 2021, depending on the weather. That tarmac, will be used for the 747’s from and to Germany and possibly other locations and it could be used daily for 747’s.

GTI may also start using Rockford for 747’s if shipping stays the way it is now.
GTI has several 747’s to and from O’hare, so maybe they will shift some of them to Rockford.

Magma Airline Boeing 747-400 at the Rockford Airport

Magma Airline Boeing 747-400 at the Rockford Airport

Info and photos by RS sources and Lance W

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