Rockford Scanner™: Numerous Tires Slashed in Winnebago County

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Several sources are reporting numerous tires have been slashed in Winnebago County within the last 48 hours.

We have gotten several reports of numerous vehicles have had their tires slashed within the last 48 hours.

Most of the vehicles were reported to be parked in the road, when their tires were slashed. A handful of reports said their vehicles were in the driveway.

We have reports that up to 92 vehicles have had their tires slashed.
Police have not confirmed anything, nor have they released any information on these incidents.

Most of them have happened on the East side, but there are reports from all over the Winnebago County area.

Sounds like the hardest hit area are near the Broadway, also the Charles st area and the numbered streets on the East side.

Edit: Sorry the number was 92 vehicle that were reported to have been slashed.
It was a typo when it said 192. Sorry for the typo




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