Rockford Scanner: Numerous Officers From Several Jurisdictions Working A Scene in Loves Park



Sources are reporting a scene in Loves park. 

It happened approx. 1:30 am near Park Ridge and E Riverside. 

Reports of several officers from several jurisdictions on scene. 

Several reports we got were reporting approx. 50 officers were on scene.  

I can confirm approx. 20 were on scene and many were leaving  when I arrived on scene.  And several more had just left just prior, as I was arriving. So the reports of approx. 50 officers, is not confirmed but based on what I saw on scene, the reports are very plausible. 

We have been told there was possibly a large party and a few reports saying there were possible shots fired after officers arrived on scene. Several officers from several jurisdictions were on scene. 

Call log confirms a noise complaint, just prior to all the officers from many jurisdictions arriving on scene. 

Unknown on injuries.  No other information at this time. 

Police have not released any information. 





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