Rockford Scanner™: Multiple Vehicle Accident At A Local Business Parking Lot

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Sources are reporting a multiple vehicle accident with injuries, in a local business parking lot.

It happened approx. 5:15 pm near the Meijers on Perryville. 

Reports of at least 4 vehicles were involved. 

Injuries were being reported. 

Unknown how the accident happened. 

Update: RS source said:

“Black with front totaled t boned the one with side totaled.
Lady claimed someone cut her off and she pun out causing the t bone. When she hit side she bounced back but the came back forward and hit the same car’s front.
Lady with side totaled was disabled and had the chair lift on her car, which detached and slammed down on the car behind hers. Her car also was thrown back hard into the car behind her totaling that car’s front too.
And that car was thrown back some and hit but barely tapped the car behind her.
Everyone appeared fine other than jolt soreness”

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