Tragic Update: This is now a double homicide…




36 year old Terrance Haynes and 32 year old Justin Capp

Two victims have passed away. 2 males ages 32 and 36 have passed away. Their names have not yet been released. An autopsy is scheduled. If you have any info: 815-235-8222

Brief synopsis of what may have possibly happened
from Rockford Scanner sources:  

  • Approx. Time: 8:00 pm
  • Approx. Location:  100 block of W Pleasant St in Freeport 
  • Type of the possible call:
  • Shooting/multiple victims  

What possibly may have happened, according to sources:  

Sources are reporting a shooting that happened at approximately 8:00 this evening in the 100 block of W Pleasant Street in Freeport.

Multiple shooting victims have been reported but the severity of injuries is unknown at this time.

Initial reports are the suspected vehicles involved/seen fleeing are a Dodge Dart and a Chevy Malibu that have allegedly been involved in other shootings in the Freeport area.

At this time officials haven’t released any information.

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