Rockford Scanner™: Man strangles rabid coyote to death

Man strangles rabid coyote to death

A New Hampshire man killed a coyote with his bare hands Monday after it grabbed his 2-year-old son by his jacket hood and dragged him to the ground.

The coyote has since tested positive for rabies, the New Hampshire Fish and Game said Tuesday, and authorities believe more animals in the area could have the virus.

Rabies is a virus that infects mammals. When an infected animal bites a human, rabies is transmitted from saliva through the open wound and into the nerves, where the virus goes to the brain and spinal cord. CDC experts recommend seeing a doctor for post-exposure treatment soon after contact with an infected animal, before the virus has the chance to turn fatal.

Just 2 hours prior to this attack a coyote attacked another person and some dogs. It is unclear if it was the same coyote.

Sources: WMUR & CNN



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