Rockford Scanner™: Man Sets Fire To his Brothers Place After Dispute, Threatens To Shoot Police




On 10-26-20 at approximately 7:30 a.m. the Janesville Police and Fire Departments were dispatched to a fire at 3314 Ruger Avenue. Two fires were located near the home. One was in a trash container in the driveway, and the second was located near a porch area to the rear of the home. Part of the home was damaged as a result of the fire, however it was extinguished before it could engulf the residence.

While investigating the fire scene officers contacted one of the residents. The resident advised he had been contacted by his brother, whom he had been having an ongoing dispute with. The resident’s brother was identified as 29 year old Alexander Logue, of Janesville. Logue made reference to coming over to his residence near the time the fire was reported, and to tell the police that “he did it”.

Logue also sent a text message to his brother indicating he was at home in the 1000 block of Bennett Street, and that he was armed. Logue told his brother that he would “take out the first uniform that showed up at his house and send them to the morgue”. Officers learned from the family that Logue possessed a rifle, and often carried a handgun.

With this information officers parked several blocks away from Logue’s residence. Logue was observed leaving the residence, and officers attempted to talk to him. Logue ignored the officers, and was then taken into custody by Officers Vitaioli and Naber. A loaded handgun was recovered from Logue, who told the officers that he considered shooting them.

A search warrant was drafted for Logue’s residence. Inside officers found several homemade incendiary devices, road flares, and other accelerants. The incendiary devices meet the statutory definition of Molotov Cocktail. A long rifle was also seized from the residence as well. Evidence from Logue’s residence match evidence collected at the arson scene on Ruger Avenue.

Alexander Logue is being held pending his court appearance and will be charged with the following crimes:
• Carrying Concealed Weapon
• Arson- Domestic Violence
• Possession of Molotov Cocktails
• Disorderly Conduct-Domestic Violence


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