Rockford Scanner™: Major Scene in Machesney Park This Morning

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In hopes of police transparency
(What were we thinking…)

Update: WCSO PIO responded with this.


We sat on this story for 12 hours, hoping officials would release information on this. And of course, the Winnebago County Sheriff office have not released any information (And never do), so we are going to post what was provided to us via sources. 

Several sources are reporting to us that around 3:30 am this morning that there was a possible fatal shooting near the Machesney Park mall area.  And that several officers had a police perimeter setup to try to catch the alleged suspects.  We have been told approx 20 officers were working the scene. 

Again, officials have not confirmed anything, nor have they released any information.

And like usual, they probably won’t, so do not expect any updates. 

Just so everyone can see just how transparent the WCSO is, here’s the call log from that time frame.

And not 1 thing in the call log on this incident. (Like many other violent crimes in Winnebago County)

So either many people are lying by reporting the same thing to us, or the WCSO is not being transparent on violent crimes in Winnebago County.    Question is… Which do you believe?

For those of you trying to make excuses for the non-transparency, then explain this video…

Note: This video is not associated with last nights incident.
Only to show the WCSO are not transparent, and have not been transparent since encrypting.



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