Rockford Scanner: Hit and Run Accident, Victims Family is Upset At Suspect For Fleeing


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Sources are reporting a hit and run accident.

It happened this morning near Crosby and Longwood.

The suspect left his vehicle at the scene, and fled on foot.

Suspect vehicle is a Champagne colored Volvo.

The victim is a female that 63 years old.
She has worked over 45 years straight and this is her first brand new vehicle.

Then some guy in a Volvo decides to hit her brand new 2019 Dodge Journey, and then he fled the scene.

The victim has put in many years of work, and earned a brand new car.
Then the suspect crashes into her, and in seconds her brand new vehicle is totaled.

And the suspect who hit her, isn’t man enough to stand up and be accountable for his actions.
And fled the scene.

The victims family is very upset at the suspect and want him held accountable for his actions.

Video below by the victims son



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