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Good morning everyone! 

I wanted to take a second and let everyone know what my future plans are for Rockford Scanner. 

Some of you have followed Rockford Scanner from the very beginning. 
So those of you that have, I first want to say Thank You,  you have saw what we started off as, and what we grew into.   So you will probably understand this more than most people. 

I am an old fashioned person and I believe in never forgetting your roots. 
To those of you who do not know what that means,
Basically what that means, is do NOT forget where you came from.  

My #1 goal for Rockford Scanner was to bring the scanner hobby back.   

That was the main reason why I created Rockford Scanner over a decade ago.
Obviously that has worked well. 

I went into Radio Shack one day, and I asked to buy a scanner. The employee was clueless to what a police scanner was and thought I was talking about a computer scanner… 
So from that point forward, I made it a goal to bring the police scanner hobby back in our area.   

So I guess we should all be thanking the clueless Radio Shack employee,
for the creation of Rockford Scanner, LOL. 

I helped local fans programming their scanners, shared frequencies, posted what I heard, talked about my favorite things I liked to listen too, and just talked about police scanners in general. 

A lot of people lost interest in the police scanners, when the local police encrypted. 

So many people think, you can not listen to stuff on the police scanner since the police encrypted. 

Trust me when I say this,  you can still listen to ALOT of stuff on a police scanner. 

One of my favorite things,  (I am almost constantly listening too)   is the aircraft band. 

So, if you shoved your old police scanner in the closet, pull it out and turn it on! 

Now to the point of this post:  

I am going to go back to my roots and talk about police scanners and share content about police scanner and ham radio content.
Most of the content will not be mine, but stuff I come across while browsing the internet and other scanner and ham radio related content. 

If you have a scanner related question, feel free to ask.   
If I am not able to assist you, I am sure there are several of our fans that can 🙂    

I am going to be creating a few pages on our website here, that will be able to assist as well.  

I do have this one up for now about scanners  ~

And the local Ham radio ~

My primary focus right now, is going back to my roots and just having fun and just have good conversation about police scanners.
I will still be posting stuff that goes on around town, so don’t get upset, LOL.  

I will say this again, if you have a police scanner (even the really old ones)   just pull them out of storage and turn them on. You just may be surprised on what you hear!  

I want to invite everyone to share their police scanner knowledge with us, so we can pass it on to our fans.   YouTube videos, links, and just general information is all welcomed!  🙂 

I know a lot of you are asking yourself, why should I listen to a scanner, when there are apps? 
News flash: Where do you think that scanner feed is coming from?  Yup, a police scanner. 

Yes, listening to an app is good but you are extremely, extremely limited on what you can listen too.  You can only listen to what the scanner feed provider decides to put into that feed.  

Imagine listening to something on the app, and all of a sudden it starts to scan. And then it stops on something completely unrelated to what you wanted to hear.  Welcome to scanner apps, lol.    Good news is, if you have your own police scanner, you can just hit the stop button and keep listening to it!   Now you won’t miss a thing 🙂 

And I can not forget to mention this: 
Share the information you hear on the scanner, with us! 

I have 1 police scanner, a really old scanner at that… 
And I  mainly listen to aircraft. 
Most of our news related content, comes from our fans. 
Our fans deserve 1000000000% of the credit for the information we post, in regards to what is going on around town. So I just want to take a second and just say thank you to our fans, and you guys and gals are doing an amazing job on keeping the community informed with SEE IT, SNAP IT, SEND IT 

Now many of you may not like these new changes, and I respect that. 
But I am a person that believes in myself and I am just going to do my thing. 
You like it, then great. If not, then move along… 
But I will admit, it is kind of nice living rent free in some peoples heads these days. 

Pull out your police scanners, turn them on, kick your feet up and enjoy! 

Rockford Scanner is going back to our roots and having fun 🙂 

  • All parties involved are innocent, until proven guilty in a court of law.
  • We can only provide information that IS provided to us. 
  • As you know, the local police encrypted and are not transparent.
  • Some information may not be accurate. If there are any errors please let us know so we can try to possibly correct the errors. 
  • Several people have asked questions, and we have tried to answer as many as possible on our FAQ page
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