Rockford Scanner Exclusive: King Of Jordan Personal Heavily Armored Limousine Was Bought By A Local Car Collector

King Of Jordan Limo




A local car collector has bought a one of a kind vehicle! 

  King Of Jordan’s “The Warrior King” Heavily Armored Ford Excursion Limo

Rockford Scanner Exclusive: Scroll down towards the bottom to see the title and invoices

Built for King Abdullah of Jordan and used for transportation during his visit to the U.S.

According to the documents that were sold with the vehicle, you can see this vehicle is extremely well protected and “Built For A King”

You can see it in the video above as the King arrives for the Nuclear Summit in Washington DC.

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King Of Jordan Limo Title

It has this Excursion include the extended body, 360-degree armoring which includes 3-inch bulletproof windows, fuel tank protection and surveillance cameras, and a lot of safety features all meant to keep the King safe.

The interior has been given an extra dose of luxury and convenience, with heated seats with massage and reclining functions, DVD player, power folding 15-inch screens, a navigation system, folding tray tables and even a refrigerator that can still keep your beverages cool mounted at the front.  Did we forget to mention the sound system in this thing is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

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Armored Becker Excursion Operation Manual

A nearly $200,000 armoring package includes bulletproof windows and body panels, electrified door handles, and an air-filtration system that protects against nuclear and chemical attacks.

The limo originally cost its buyer approx. $620,000, according to the selling dealer, and invoices show hundreds of thousands of dollars in upgrades. It only has just under 5,000 miles on it.

The interior has European-leather seats with heating and cooling and massaging functions.

The window switches came off of a Rolls-Royce, and the limo features plenty of eye appealing wood accents.

For communications it has several types to choose from: HF, VHF, PA, three integrated cell phones, a satellite phone, a pair of Dell laptops, and a printer.

Also included is an anti-exploding fuel tank, ram bumpers, ballistic glass, and armored body panels.

One of my favorite “shocking” features is the electrified door hands that will shock the heck out of you, if you get close enough to touch them and they are activated. Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

You can learn about the King of Jordan at

The video above captures most of the dignitaries and representatives who attended the Summit, mainly arriving in Suburbans registered to the U.S. Government. But a few brought their own motorcades. Here you can watch them all arrive, including the King of Jordan who had the hardest-balling limo of the lot by far. King Abdullah II and his Jordanian entourage are the highlight of the show at the very end, with their six-door stretched and raised Ford Excursion.

Many of you are probably wondering where can you see it?    For privacy reasons the collector did not want to be named.  But they did tell us that at some point in time a well known car collector club based in Chicago will have it in their possession for a bit. It is unknown if it will be shown off to the public or if it will go onto the market.

Below is some of the invoices that came along with the vehicle, when the local car collector bought it. 

Ever wonder what it costs to protect a King?
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