Rockford Scanner™: Credit Card Skimmers Found At A Local Business




Recently, the Belvidere Police Department began an investigation into reports from the public about credit card fraud.

The Belvidere Police Department Detective Section was made aware of specific incidents of credit card fraud occurring after gas purchases that were made at the Mobil Gas Station at 171 Appleton Road., Belvidere, Illinois, 61008.

With cooperation from the owners of the gas station and technicians from Mobil Corporate, our detectives located devices used to copy credit card information. Technicians have removed the equipment. Detectives collected the devices as evidence.

Corporate Mobil and the local owner are cooperating with the investigation.

The Belvidere Police Department is collaborating with the FBI as the investigation continues.

We ask anyone that has had an incident or incidents involving credit card fraud after purchasing gas from the Mobil Gas Station at 171 Appleton Road, contact the Belvidere Police Department at 815-544-2135 to speak with an officer and file a report.

Detectives have made contact with all of the gas stations in Belvidere to determine if there are any other compromised locations. The Belvidere Police Department will notify the public if other locations are identified.
The Belvidere Police Department encourages the public to use credit cards at only trusted locations.

Visually inspect the gas pumps prior to using them. Gas pumps should have unbroken Integrity Tape Seals. Only pump gas from pumps with untampered seals .See the attached examples of Integrity Tape Seals.

Review your bank statements regularly and report any suspicious activity to your local police department. RFID (radio frequency identification) wallets and purses are also strongly encouraged.

If anyone has information about this crime or any other crime contact the Belvidere Police Department at 815-544-2135 or contact Boone County Crime Stoppers at 815-547-7867.
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