Rockford Scanner™: Boil Order In Effect, Details In The Article




There is a town-wide boil order in effect until further notice starting 6:20 PM 10/22/2020 in Capron


Parts of town may be experiencing low pressure or loss of service, we are aware of the situation and working on fixing it as quickly as possible.
Shadowbrook & Cloud Mist, from Cloud Mist Court to Shadowbrook, will experience a loss of service.
Our Water Works and Public Works employees are already working on a solution.

Upon further inspection valve on end of line had broken loose, parts and equipment for repairs on the way. Will be few hours yet for those still affected before service is restored, for all of town a boil order is still in effect until further notice. Test samples will be pulled in morning and rushed out, expect at least next 48-72hrs for boil order.

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