Rockford Scanner: Bag Stolen From Magic Waters, Have You Seen It?



RS source Amber sent us the following:

Hi! My bag was stolen at magic waters. I am wondering if you can put something out there for me to reach more people. We are willing to give a reward if the person returns it. They know who they are, they were parked right behind us in the parking lot. We wont press charges if it is returned because the security says they know who they were and they possibly have them on camera. It was a blackish silver beach bag that says “mermaid at heart” on it. Inside was my daughters iphone 7 and her friends red iphone xr. Also there was a brand new pair of prescription eyeglasses of mine and my stepsons size 6 Jordan’s. They cant use the phones because we locked them and reported them stolen and obviously, cant use my glasses but I really need them and would like all of the items returned in the same condition and we will give them a reward. Thanks!

If found: Contact Amber at Click Here

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