Rockford Scanner™: Armed Robbery To A Business & 1 Injured Victim in Rockford

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UpdateI find it interesting employees at the Mobil called Rockford Scanner a bunch of foul names and also called us fake news.   But yet here is the official RPD press release on the incident that Mobil employees has flat out denied happening…





Sources have told us the suspect descriptions. Again, officials have not released any information, nor have they confirmed anything.

Suspect #1 Black Pontiac Grand Prix BZ34748 that comes back to an address on Sunnyside. 2 Black males armed with guns.

#1 32 years old, dark clothing, black mask,  tattoo of a cross under his right eye.

#2 32 years old wearing dark clothing, blue mask, armed with a gun.

Here is the audio from the Illinois State Police. Huge shout out to the anonymous source who provided us with the audio.

Sources are reporting 2 violent crime scenes on the East side.

Both scenes may be related, but not yet confirmed.

Reports of the Mobil gas station on Alpine, North of E State st was robbed.

And a possible shooting/battery victim also being reported on Creekview, near E State st and Alpine.

Sources said the victim may have been injured during an attempted carjacking from the robbery suspects.

Officials have not confirmed anything, nor have they released information on these 2 violent crime scenes.


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