Rockford Scanner™: Another Mountain Lion Sighting In Our Area




Sources are reporting another mountain lion sighting in our area. 

This one happened earlier this week around 1:30 am in the backyard of a residence in the 700 block of Appleton in Boone County. 

The backyard is next to the conservation area nearby. 

No reports of injuries.  No other information. 

As you know, we have gotten several reports of a mountain lion on
the East side of Winnebago County and in Boone County recently. 

We have talked to officials that wanted to remain anonymous.
And they told us right now they believe there are currently in Winnebago and Boone Counties:

  • 3 black bears  (1 might be a brown bear but not confirmed he said)
  • 2 wolf packs
  • 2 mountain lions

And they are downplaying the sightings, to not scare the citizens.


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