Update: Subject Arrested For Arson, Video Of A Man Throwing An Object Into The Church Just Prior To The Fire

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ARRESTED FOR ARSON: On Wednesday, RFD responded to 3 separate fire incidents, including one at Metro Christian Centre Church.

Edward Jerome Wash was charged with three counts of arson.

The charges against him are merely accusations and not evidence of his guilt.

Below is a video that allegedly shows a subject throwing an object into the church just prior to the fire, and then walks away. (Watch in HD)



Abandoned church fire in Rockford Illinois. Kishwaukee and 1st.



UPDATE: We have gotten several reports of the Rockford PD working a scene there, just prior to the fire.

It is not yet known why the RPD were there. But reports of 8 RPD squads were on scene just prior to the fire.

RPD has not released any information.

We have gotten several reports of a black male approx. 6 feet, bulky build, wearing a White/Red shirt with American flag. Was inside the building just prior to the fire.  This might be why the RPD were on scene, but not confirmed yet.

Sources are reporting a fire in Rockford. 

It happened around 6:30 pm near Kishwaukee and 1st. 

An abandoned church is on fire. 

Several units from the RFD are on scene. 

The firefighters have a 100 foot perimeter on scene. 

Still developing 

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