Rockford Scanner™: 4 FOIA Denials On Cold Cases



As you know we have been trying to bring cold cases to light in our area.

We filed 4 different FOIA requests recently on some cold cases.

And everyone was DENIED.

The city of Rockford has DENIED several of our FOIA requests.

Sad, because we want to help bring these families some closure.

And the city of Rockford, is DENYING all our FOIA requests.

So as much as we would love to help these families, the city of Rockford is denying our FOIA requests.

We asked for the “General Offence Incident Report” which is just a police report.

We have talked to several people in the FOIA field, and they are supposed to release the police reports if requested by FOIA. But  yet the city of Rockford constantly DENIES our FOIA requests for police reports… They are supposed to release the police reports, and redact any information they don’t want public. 

Below you can see all 4 denials. 



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