Rockford Scanner™: 3 More Stories From People living in Local Haunted Houses

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Below are a few stories that were sent to us, from people telling us their local paranormal experiences.  Kick back and enjoy with an open mind.

I used to work in the Atwood building on N Main and we had quite a bit of stuff happen and lots of people saw it. When we first moved in there, i noticed strange shadows in my periphery. One day i asked my dad if hes seen anything weird and he said “do you mean the shadow?” Quite a few other people saw it too. Then the landlord mentioned he saw a person walking thru the building in blue denim coveralls when no one should have been there and he went and tried to find them but couldn’t find anyone. Some time later, i was talking to someone in the complex there and he went ghost white when i mentioned the guy in blue.
Personally, i have a lot of waking dreams or something but the ones that stand out are the times it felt like there was something at the foot of the bed. Once, i woke up with 3 scratches down my leg after feeling like something was pulling me down over the night. Another time i just felt like there was something there and woke up with what i can only describe as tooth marks on my leg

Hi I’m emailing in regards to your post about haunted activity! The house currently we live in has A TON of activity happening. There has been a couple times where stuff on our shelf above the sink would fall into our sink. There was one time in particular I was rocking our daughter on our chair in the living room and down our hallway we have a picture hanging.
While rocking her I got chills out of nowhere and within 30 seconds of feeling that the picture has thrown from the wall about 5 feet from where it was hung. We have cameras throughout our house and almost every night we see orbs getting up from our chairs or floating in the middle of our living room. I constantly hear conversations going on when i know I’m the only one home and the tv is off. I have had my hair played with while down in the basement and have felt numerous touches on my arm or back.
Also my husband doesn’t believe in anything like this but one day he was working down in our basement and had the strong feeling someone was watching over him to the point he ended up just coming up stairs because it made him feel uncomfortable. Our dogs wake up every night at (2:23) on the dime and just start growling in our doorway. We have been here 3 years and they do it every night. There has been such more activity but just to make a few.
Thank you

In my almost 30 years of existence I’ve experienced some chilling tales of the Paranormal kind, but my most terrifying and memorable story happened to me when I was around the age of 10 or so.
It was a weekend night, can’t remember what day exactly, but I can remember not having to go to school the following day. We had family over, so they stayed in my bedroom and I slept down in the basement. It was a finished basement, sort of. The main room was finished. That’s where the TV, couch, and video game systems were. The was a bathroom and past the bathroom down a small hallway was another room. We used it for storage and it was not finished. But that’s where the spare bed was and that’s where I would be sleeping.
So I remember playing the PlayStation until super late because I didn’t have school in the morning, whether that be because it was a weekend or maybe it was Summer Vacation. I’m not sure, but it was late. I finally got tired and turned everything off. I went to the bathroom and left the light on in the bathroom and the door open because, well I was still a kid and it’s a basement. Anyways, I left the door open and got settled in bed and fell asleep.
So I’m not sure what time it was, because this was before I had a phone, but in the other room the TV and PlayStation turned on. Now I don’t know if you know what the original PlayStation sounded like when it started up, but that alone it a sound to give you nightmares. But it was so loud. So I ran out to the room and turned the TV and PlayStation back off. As I stood there looking at the TV, I swear I saw, in the reflection, a human figure standing by the door to the bathroom. I quickly turned around but there was nothing. It was enough to freak me out a little. I peeked slowly into the bathroom as I walked by to go lay back in the bed. Nothing. So I slowly began to fall back asleep keeping my eyes on the bathroom.
I remember this being the most scared I have ever been. Enough to scream and run up the stairs and wake up my parents kind of scared. So I was quickly woken up by a loud this and being in complete darkness. No light from the bathroom, no light from the other room, nothing. Just darkness. I got up and as my eyes adjusted to the absolute darkness, I could see a dark figure standing in the corner of the room near the water softener. It quickly slid behind the water softener and made a low chuckle. That’s when I screamed and ran up the stairs and woke my parents up.
They said I had a nightmare and blamed it on the video games I was playing. To this day I won’t go into that basement alone.




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