Rockford Scanner™: 3 Employees Talk About Their Paranormal Experiences In Local Businesses

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Below are 3 different stories that were sent to us from employees talking about their alleged paranormal experiences at their jobs. Kick back and enjoy with an open mind.

The Hope & Anchor: English Pub in Loves Park. The basement always gives an eerie feeling that you’re being watched. I personally worked there and the basement is mostly storage. It always feels like you’re not alone. Upstairs where extra tables are for larger parties, there’s the same feeling. Lights flicker, and there’s been many reports of women hearing their names whispered and having their hair pulled in the Ladies’ room. Figured I’d share it with you! ~ T.S.

I use the be one of the night custodian at Rock valley college and almost every night when I would clean the lower level of the library where the pianos were I would here what sounded like someone pressing on one of the keys of the piano now understand at this time all the doors are locked and the only people with access are me and other custodians and campus police. ~ R.D.

Hi wanted to share my own experiences at the old psych. Department at UIC on Springcreek ed.
I was an intern at the time doing therapy from 5pm to 9pm. I came in for my sessions and had used a conference room which had a round table and about 5 chairs around it. I had just completed my session n from the corner of my eyes I saw my laptop bag strap raise up n fell down (this bag was set on a chair next to me)..
I shook my head n shrugged it off thinking I was just tired.. well .. I proceeded to type up my case note and all of a sudden.. I felt my chair being shoved from behind me. I quickly turned to see what was behind me… it was nothing but the window.. I jumped up grabbed my stuff and left the office..
The next day I came in and spoke to a couple of receptionist.. I had asked if they had any experiences.. both receptionist looked at me and told me that these offices used to be an old turburclious back in the 50’s… I was freaked out.. I decided to do a Google search and sure enough.. it was. I was able to finish out my internship but did it with another intern.. we arranged to use offices across from each other with our doors open when we do our case notes.. I also made sure I carried a cross,Holley water and a Buddha.





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