Rockford Scanner™: 2 Suspicious Incidents At A Local Park

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We have had numerous requests to share this story:

There were reports of a suspect that attempted to kidnap/accost  a teen girl at Rock Cut State Park on Monday. Reports are saying the teenage victim was running and a light skin Hispanic, late 30’s early 40s. Approximately 5’8-6 ft tall, No apparent arm tattoos or jewelry, short hair, black beard no mustache, Average build, attempted to kidnap the teen victim.  The victim was able to fight back and free herself.  The suspect fled the scene and is still on the loose.  

Unknown if it is related, but yesterday a Hispanic male, mid 30’s, avg build, wearing blue shorts, dark shirt, baseball hat, phone with white ear buds. He had on sunglasses that had a lighter tint to them.  Was stalking people in the Willow Creek area, hiding behind trees watching people. Approx 42.342339, -88.998838

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