Rockford Scanner™: 2 Stabbings Yesterday, 3 Stabbings Total In Last Few Days

Sources are reporting 2 stabbing incidents that happened in the Rockford area yesterday.
We were told the first one happened in the area of the 4400 block of Trevor circle around 9 AM.
The other one happened in the 200 block of S. London Ave. around 3:30 PM.
Details are very minimal at this time. Sources said one of the victims possibly had life-threatening injuries and the other one possibly had non-life-threatening injuries. But officials have not yet confirmed this.
Rockford police were somewhat transparent and did put it in their call logs as aggravated battery with a knife. So the Rockford police are being somewhat transparent in their call logs and being truthful on what happens. But they have not released specific details on either of the incidents. Kudos for being truthful in your call logs.
Note: there was another stabbing on the 4th around 6 AM at Broadway and 7th Street, According to the call logs. No details have been released on this incident.
If you have any information on any of the stabbings please call the Rockford Police Department or you can contact us and we can relay the information to the Rockford Police Department for you and keep you anonymous.




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