Rockford Scanner™: 2 Bad Accidents Are Being Reported

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First and foremost I want to mention the same intersection that this serious accident is at in Boone County, is the same intersection that Beth Baker passed away, when Matthew Burza ran a stop sign and killed her a few years ago.  R.I.P. Beth Baker, you are missed by many!  

Hopefully Boone  County will make it a 4 way stop, so these terrible accidents will stop happening! 

Sources are reporting a serious accident that happened earlier today at Town Hall and Spring Creek. At least 1 vehicle has rolled over and 2 others are in a nearby field. Multiple injuries were being reported. 

The 2nd accident is reported to be at 9th st and Reed. This one happened around 1:30 pm.  Multiple injuries were also being reported at this scene as well. 

 No other information on either scene. 

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