Reports Of Several Shooting & Stabbing Victims, Police Only Confirm Medical Assists…



Rockford Call Logs ~ CLICK HERE

County Call Logs ~ CLICK HERE

You can see from the city of Rockford themselves, saying that shooting, stabbings, etc…
are labeled as “Medical Assists” 

We sat on these stories hoping for transparency with officials.  
But officials will only confirm “Medical assists”   

So we will post what information that we do have, that was provided to us via several sources. 

This weekend  several sources have had reported to us 18 different shooting victims and 11 stabbing victims in Winnebago County. 

Officials have confirmed that they were working scenes, and they were “medical assists” 

Note: Several of the scenes reported to us, are not even listed in the call logs. 

I can tell you we have had numerous reports on these incidents, via many sources reporting the same thing. 

Are the public relaying bad information to us (Many sources reporting the same thing)? 
Or are the police continuing to label violent crimes as “medical assists”? 

We can only confirm:
Several sources reporting several (18) shooting and (11) stabbing victims to us.
And police confirming “Medical assists” and the call logs below of the police medical calls in the last 72 hours. 



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