POSSIBLE FATAL ACCIDENT: Rollover Accident With Extrication, Possible Fatal Injuries


Heartbreaking news.

This is a double fatal accident. 2 victims are confirmed dead.
And also 1 victim has been transported to a local hospital.
Total of 3 victims. 2 dead, 1 transported to the ER. 

Rollover accident with possible fatal injuries. 

It happened around 2:30 am in the 2100 block of 16th st. 

Reports of a rollover accident near this location. 

Multiple injuries being reported.  One of the injuries are believed to be fatal. 

Extrication is being requested to cut at least one of the victims out. 

This is a very bad accident scene. 

Avoid the area for many hours.  

Still developing. 

Notes:It appears but not confirmed yet, the vehicle may have been traveling southbound on 16th st, when it crashed.  16th st all of a sudden dead ends at this location. There is a small barrier and trees that block the way at the dead end. (see photo at bottom of this article)  If you are traveling south on 16th st, Its goes from from concrete to about 20 ft of gravel and dirt in to about a foot of some shrubs and bushes with a little opening made by dirt bikes cutting through. It appears the vehicle was traveling southbound and crashed, and ended up on the south side of the Concentric driveway. The police were looking at the front end of the vehicle, and it appears the vehicle may have hit something and went airborne and crashed onto its roof on the south side of the Concentric driveway. One of the victims was a few feet south from the vehicle.

Update: Photos sent in by Paul S. on 16th st facing south, towards the scene kinda confirms that the vehicle was southbound on 16th when it crashed at the dead end and onto the Concentric driveway. The tree bark on the north side of the trees has been taken off by an impact. (Scroll Down)

Google street map of the dead end on 16th st

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