Police Use A Battering Ram And Knock Down The Door Of An Innocent Family Residence in Rockford, Looking For Marijuana.

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Police Use A Battering Ram And Knock Down The Door Of An Innocent Family Residence in Rockford, Looking For Marijuana.

Many of you know Travis Legge as a well known local film maker and also as a RPG game creator.

Yesterday, him and his family were sleeping when the police used a battering ram and crashed in his door in the early morning hours and pointed guns at him and his family as they woke up to the commotion from the local police bashing in his door to look for marijuana.  The police had the wrong residence…………………

He told us:

So, about 5:10 am, we were awakened by the sound of someone breaking in. I lunged to the bedroom door to shut it, as I thought that we were being robbed. The police did shout that they were police and came in, with three officers that I was brandishing pistols and one brandishing an assault rifle. I do not know what kind.

They took us into the dining room, handcuffed us, and told us they had a warrant. They held it out for us to look at. Neither myself nor my wife had our glasses on, so we could not read it. My wife asked for the time and they said it was 5:10. I asked if the warrant was for 2213 or 2215, as the upstairs was a different apartment, which they seemed surprised by. They asked if the back stairs led to our place and I again explained that this was a duplex, with two separate units and addresses.

They took us out into the lawn. I was in my underwear. They asked if I wanted pants and I said I was comfortable. They went and got sweatpants out of one of my drawers and dressed me, then took my wife and I into separate police cars. We sat for about an hour or so while they took two K-9 units through the apartment. They then questioned us regarding a vehicle in the property garage, which we do not use and was not ours. They threatened to arrest us if they found our prints on the vehicle, insisted we knew why they were there, told us that they hoped our stories matched up, and then let us back in the house shortly after my wife informed them that she works as a legal assistant for a lawyer who used to work in the State’s Attorney’s office.

They then questioned us about legal, personal use marijuana in the home, and again threatened to return with arrest warrants if our stories didn’t check out. After that they sat in their cars outside our property, refusing to let us close the exterior door, for eleven hours while they waited for a warrant to be issued for the upstairs apartment. They damaged both of my apartment doors, the exterior door of the building, threatened, intimidated, and terrorized us. There were no weapons in the home, no amount of marijuana beyond what is legal in illinois, and nothing that could remotely justify this flagrant violation of our constitutional rights.

He added: Just that this is the exact kind of raid that got Breonna Taylor murdered. Down to the bad investigation on the address. The only difference, probably the only reason my wife and I are still breathing, is white privilege. These things must stop. They are unconstitutional, and endanger innocent lives. Support Black Lives Matter, Defund the Police, Bring Breonna Taylor’s murderers to justice. Don’t stop protesting, and for the sake of all that is good, please vote.

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