Parents Fed Up At Hononegah High School: Fire Alarm At Hononegah. Kids Forced To Go Outside In Freezing Temps Without Jackets While Other Students Kept Inside

We have tried to get info from officials, they hung up on us… 

Sad when you can’t even get information on a simple fire alarm call

So much for that transparency…

Several sources have contacted us in regards to how fed up they are with Hononegah High School. 

Earlier today there was a fire alarm at Hononegah High School around 9:45 am.

Several parents said their children were forced to go outside without jackets in the freezing cold temps.

Many students who were freezing, were asking for their jackets, and were denied their jackets or some other way to keep warm.
Many students were extremely cold.

We were told the staff knew it was a false alarm, and forced the majority of the students outside.

While children with disabilities were kept inside the school, while all others were forced out into the cold without jackets on.

The person who was responsible for pulling the alarm, has not been caught.

We have tried to get info from officials to confirm or deny this information from many parents,
Officials hung up on us… 

Sad when you can’t even get information on a simple fire alarm call

So much for transparency



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