Only Takes A Second To Share: Scam Phone Call Alert


Source sent us the following: 

There is a scam caller the Police have asked me to spread the word about, so I am asking you to please post this to warn people not to fall for it.

I have received a similar call twice now that sounds like it is from the same person.

The first time he called a month ago and addressed me by name. He said I scratched the entire side of his vehicle with mine leaving a streak of paint and left a note with my name and phone number. He became very abusive swearing at me when I told him I did not do that.

Yesterday, I received another call with a similar story. The voice sounded the same as the call I had received in January. The caller said I had hit his car and left a note with my phone number. When I told him I did not do that he again became very abusive. “Are you calling me a liar.” I said no, but I am telling you I did not hit any car or leave any note. Then he said, “I just got out of prison 2 weeks ago, don’t make me come get you.” I hung up and called the police.

The police said to block the number the call came from and don’t fall for the scam. The person was most likely trying to scare me into giving him money. Do call the police and report the scam call so they have a record of it.

The police also said to tell people, if you do have an accident with an unoccupied vehicle, do not leave a note with your personal information, anyone can take that note and now have your personal information. Do call the police and report the accident. Do check nearby homes or businesses to try to find the person. Get the license plate of the vehicle and file an accident report.


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Disclaimer: As you know the local police have encrypted, have not released any information, etc…
They rarely ever do release information to the public, since encrypting. So do not expect any updates.

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