Not all heroes wear capes, But they all do wear uniforms! 



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As you know I tell it like it is, both good and bad. 
Some agree, some disagree with the topics I post about. 
I critique the first responders a lot because of the encryption and non-transparency. 
I just tell it like it is… 

I noticed a lot of people really giving 1st responders a hard time online these days. People forming their opinions based on their own beliefs.  These days our local 1st responders don’t get the respect they deserve.   

Yes, I may critique the 1st responders.
But I will also be the first person to stand up for the very same 1st responders.  

Many people do not see or understand what a 1st responder actually goes through.  Many chose to believe that all are bad, based on whatever reasons they have.

I will be the first to stand up and tell you, there are way more good than bad 1st responders on our streets. 

When I go to scenes, I see first hand both sides of a 1st responder.
Good and Bad. 

Many people see a person in uniform doing their “job”  

What I see is a human being, helping our community.
A true hero…

I will use this example that just happened a few hours ago. 

I pulled up to a scene in downtown Rockford, as the 1st arriving units did from the Rockford Fire Department.  I won’t say much about the call, because it was a legit medical call.  But what I saw is what people need to see and understand.  The firefighter put his hand on the victims shoulder, to comfort her. (It was a picture perfect photo, but I missed getting that photo…grrr.) I literally saw what looked like a “weight come off her shoulders”  The relief she had when the 1st responders arrived on scene as the firefighter gently put his hand on her shoulder to comfort her.     

That my friends is called, COMPASSION.  

Many of our 1st responders have a lot of compassion.
They love our community and they want to help. 

You see the “good” and you see the “bad” at scenes.  But in reality we are all human.   

People need to understand that our local 1st responders on any given day experience a lot of trauma themselves.  Put yourself in their shoes for a few minutes… 

Would you be able to handle just 1 shift as a 1st responder?
Example of 1 shift that a 1st responder might encounter: An 8 year old stabbed multiple times by his mom and laid dead in the driveway. And then maybe on your next call you experience a domestic dispute. And your next call could be a theft.  And then your next call could be a fatal accident. Etc…   You just never know what the next call may be. 

Mind you, this is all on ONE SHIFT…   
And then you come home and go back and do it all again the next day. 

These 1st responders experience a lot of trauma themselves on each and every shift, they put on their uniforms. But they do not lead on just how much they themselves are hurting inside.  They keep pushing forward with a smile and keep protecting our community. 

My hat goes off to the men and women that put on their uniforms each and every shift.   

They don’t have too, they WANT to help our community.   

Many see the men and women in uniform as bad.
Many see the men and women in uniform as good.
I see them as true heroes, that choose to help our torn community.

Not all heroes wear capes, but they all do wear uniforms! 

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