Motorola Contributes To Our Local Sheriff Election Campaign, Local Police Spend 6 MILLION To Hide Crime From The Public

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Note: Many may not agree with this post,
but prove us wrong…

Our local leaders CHOOSE to hide crime from the public. 

  • If you are a criminal, Winnebago County is a criminal heaven. 
  • Criminals commit crimes,
  • Police radios encrypted,
  • Public don’t know who to look for,
  • Police never release information.
  • Criminals get away scott free to keep committing more crimes.  

 Let’s not forget how MOTOROLA made campaign contributions to some local officials as well!!!

Motorola has contributed several times to local officials and others, to those who paid for their encryption services…

Note: There is nothing illegal for Motorola to contribute to elected officials.

But it sure does raise eyebrows, both locally and nationally.

Here is an interesting read about Motorola and how they influence sheriff’s and other law enforcement agencies~

Mobile Scanner,Analog,9000 Channels

Mobile Scanner,Analog,9000 Channels


A fan asked RS why don’t the local police get a helicopter to effectively combat crime?

The short answer is:   
Our local police chose to spend 6 MILLION on hiding things from the public. (Encryption)    

The local police could have used that money on other tools, to effectively combat crime. 

A TOP OF THE LINE police helicopter is 3 million. That is a high tech police helicopter with all the bells and whistles.   
Our local police COULD have used that money to spend that and bought 2 of them, if they wanted too.     

A normal police helicopter, costs just under 1 million.
Our local police could have bought SIX helicopters to effectively combat local crime, for the price they paid to hide things from the public. 

Body Cameras!    Police complain that it “costs too much” for body cameras.   

But yet, turn around and spend 6 MILLION to hide crime from the public. 

Body cameras DON’T LIE, This should have been their top priority.   But they CHOSE to encrypt instead.

I mean the options are endless on what the local police could have bought with that 6 million to effectively combat crime. 

Instead the local police CHOOSE to spend 6 MILLION to hide things from the public. 


Police used “Officer Safety”  as their excuse for the purchase. 

Before encryption:   
Last local officer to get seriously hurt or killed while the radios were unencrypted was Detective Rice.     

All these years the radios were un-encrypted, and no officers hurt or killed for many years. 

Since Encrypting:
3 officers seriously hurt, 2 of them are dead. 

And our area has only been encrypted a few years…  

Please explain to the public how encryption is for “Officer Safety” 
And how it effectively combats crime?  

We sat on this for awhile, but I think it is time it needs to be said. 

Recently there has been an officer shortage in the area. 

I won’t say much on this topic right now. Thats for another story I am working on.

But I will say this: Police need the public’s help now, more than anytime ever before.
And they CHOSE to keep screwing the public on transparency, but yet ask the public for help. 

Imagine this:  An officer comes up to you and starts asking questions.   

Your response to the officer is: “Sorry, my voice is encrypted.” 

That officer is going to get very mad at you, AND probably arrest you for not answering the questions.
(Obstruction, Disorderly, etc..)

BUT, if you try asking the police any questions:  The local police will not answer your questions and deny everything!  
And yet the local police expect the public to help them…

Our leadership in Winnebago County is so focused on bringing the economy back, instead of combating crime. 

So they are trying to make it appear that crime is going down, so they can re-boost the economy. 

But instead, it backfired and still is. 

But our leaders have too big of an ego, that they can’t admit a 6 million dollar mistake. 
And they CHOOSE to keep the problem going and blame the public for their mistakes…

And the local police blame Covid-19 ~ CLICK HERE

The city spent $174,000 for online reputation management project
hopes to change what visitors see first when they search for Rockford.
News flash: Not hard to change the publics image of Rockford!
Just need open communications and transparency!
Not based off of lies and perception…

Criminals brag about they can literally WALK AWAY from scenes these days,  Because of the encryption. 

They now ONLY have to look out for the police now, and not the public as well. 

When the radios were un-encrypted, there was 150,000 MORE EYES AND EARS 

Ask yourself this:
When was the last time police released a suspect description???   

I can show you many examples of other departments being transparent and letting the public know VERY quickly.
Most police departments in the USA are un-encrypted.
Go look at their crime rates, most are way down because they are un-encrypted and the public can help. 

I will tell you a story that happened after our local police encrypted.
(This is one of the reasons why I push the anti-encryption)  

There was a murder and the suspect literally walked away from the scene.
He went and hung out with his friend for a week, before leaving town. After leaving town he killed 2 more people!   

The friend that he hung out with has since turned against the police, I will explain why. 

She said if she had known her friend killed someone, she would of turned him in, in a heartbeat!   

Instead police chose to not tell the public (Even though the police knew who the suspect was), and she hung out with him for a week and he went on to kill 2 more people!   

She is sooooooooo pissed at the local police, she has actually turned into an informant for Rockford Scanner 🙂   

Before Encryption: MANY criminals were caught, because of the un-encryption.

The public could listen in, hear the description and call police when they saw the suspect.

And a lot of times, the criminals were caught quickly. 

Save on Select Milwaukee Tools All Month. Prices as marked. No Code required. I will use 1 example of a killer that was caught because the police radios were un-encrypted, and the public heard what was going on and they caught the suspect QUICKLY.   The family has asked us that we don’t post names for their privacy.

But the a man killed his girlfriend on the East side. Police provided the suspect description over the un-encrypted airwaves.  And someone saw the suspect and called police.  The police quickly arrived and after a brief standoff on 8th st and 22nd ave, he was caught.   

See how easy un-encryption can effectively combat crime? 

Our local leaders CHOOSE to hide crime from the public. 

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Police use the excuse: “Criminals can listen in, and get away”   

Another NEWS FLASH: Even if criminals were could listen in, they were still caught!

So you mean to tell us that criminals were NEVER caught in the past,
because of un-encrypted airwaves???

Watch this video of our local police being “Transparent” 

Note: We went to file a complaint against Officer Turner, when we went to file the complaint, her collegues were GOING TO ARREST RS FOR FILING A COMPLAINT!!!

  • Hell, if you are a criminal, Winnebago County is a criminal heaven. 
  • Criminals commit crimes,
  • Police radios encrypted,
  • Public don’t know who to look for,
  • Police never release information.
  • Criminals get away scott free to keep committing more crimes.  

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To put a long story short: A fan asked us why local police do not have a police helicopter to combat crime.
Our answer is this:  The local police spent 6 MILLION on hiding crime from the public.
If police were truly worried about “Combating Crime”  that money could have went for many other things to combat crime.

I will put my 2 cents in here:   There is a thing called a 2 Way Street. 

 If you worked things a 2 way street, and actually were transparent, just maybe the public might want to help once again.

In the meantime you keep encrypted and keep pissing the public off,
all your doing is creating more sources for Rockford Scanner 🙂     

So either way: I careless if you are encrypted or not…
We are only against the encryption, because we want our 1st responders SAFE.

All parties involved are innocent, until proven guilty in a court of law. We can only provide information that IS provided to us.  As you know, the local police encrypted and are not transparent. Some information may not be accurate. If there are any errors please let us know so we can try to possibly correct the errors.  Several people have asked questions, and we have tried to answer as many as possible on our FAQ page.  You can follow us on Twitter, Youtube, Facebook



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