Many Citizens Vowed To Arm Themselves And Shoot Thieves, As Thieves Run Rampant in Winnebago County

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Update: More theft reports near the Boylan school area. Also in Belvidere and in Roscoe

Recently several victims have reached out to us in regards to being a victim of theft.

Many are so pissed off, that they vowed to arm themselves and in the future to begin shooting thieves.

Rockford Scanner does not recommend that. We recommend to call the police.

When we recommended that the victims to call the police instead of shooting the suspects.

The victims rebutted saying they already have contacted the police, and all the police do is just take a report days later. And that was it.  Numerous victims are extremely pissed off, for being a victim and the police not investigating these thefts. And many have vowed to become vigilantes in their neighborhoods and shoot the suspects.

Again, we do not recommend that…

Recently there have been thefts of catalytic converters on vehicles.  Literally all over Winnebago County.

We have been told there are 2 different suspects:
#1  Several black males in a dark Ford Expedition (Or similar)
#2 Two Males in a White Mini van.

Both are confirmed suspects in stealing catalytic converters.
Sources at a local junkyard, said they buy those at top dollar.
They said that they are not supposed to buy them, but the police do not enforce it, so they continue to buy them.

Also there are numerous reports of vehicles being broken into.
Most were on the East side, but now the reports are starting to begin on the West side now as well.
Also, in the Rockton and Roscoe areas.

As we type this up, yet another report came into us saying: “Its 3 boys on the southside of Rockford around Hopkins and Holland with black hoodies on looking in people cars”

Thefts of yard decorations and political signs were happening recently as well.

We have had numerous reports of commercial and residential structures being broken into for quite some time now.  We have been told by 4 victims, that they have either shot or at least shot at the suspects.

Police encrypted their radios, so citizens are clueless to the crimes that happen in their own neighborhoods now. 

Before they encrypted, citizens used to be able to hear suspect information and be on the lookout, and see the suspect and call the police. And the police would catch the suspects.  

Nowadays, police choose to encrypt. Suspects literally walk away from the scene, and get away. Because no one knows at that time, who to be on the lookout for, because of police encryption.

More and more citizens are pissed off at being victims and the police not doing anything and police encryption…

Many victims have vowed to arm themselves and are vowing to become vigilantes now.

Not one police department has released any information on any of these crimes.


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