“Let this serve as a warning to all in our city. This could happen to anyone”: Victim Speaks Out, After Being Viciously Beaten, Robbed And Carjacked At His Own Home



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RS source sent us the following in regards to the violent carjacking the other night. 

Copy/Paste of what was sent to us:
“Carjack and Attacked by two guys at my house on 10/4/21 at about 10:30 pm. I came home last night from a music rehearsal at 10:30 and went into my breezeway with one guitar. When I turned around, a strange man was standing outside of my screen door. When I saw this guy about a foot outside of my breezeway screen door, I got chills over my entire body (6th sense sensing danger.)  

I asked him who he was and what he was doing here. He pointed a gun at me and told me to give me the keys or he was going to kill me.

I moved away from the screen breezeway door and he followed me into the breezeway. Feeling cornered, I lunged at him to tackle him. As we tussled, a second man appeared and entered the breezeway and proceeded to hit me in the back of the head repeatedly. One guy was hitting me on the back of the head with what felt like the back of a handgun. The other guy was hitting me repeatedly on the head then started choking me. They got my car key, house key, work key, cell phone as my face was on the concrete floor in a pool of my own blood.

I was choked and nearly unconscious as they dug through my pockets and took my phone and keys – Surprisingly, they did not take my wallet.

They got my Martin guitar, Line 6 amp, golf clubs and my bag of cords and tuner and distortion pedal. So, I need to change the locks today too since they got my house key. Both men got into my car and took off with my black Honda HRV.

I went into the house and alerted my wife to call 911. The ambulance arrived first in less than 5 minutes and five of Rockford’s police officers arrived. They were excellent in every way and very sympathetic and nearly as mad as I am/was. I am very bruised up and have lots of goose eggs on my head. My index finger on my left hand is not right, my back hurts and head is in a bad spot. All of you be safe.

“Let this serve as a warning to all in our city. This could happen to anyone” ~ Victim

These two guys probably in their 20’s totally had it down and appeared out of nowhere as I was ambushed.

Be safe and look out for yourselves and your loved ones.

Description of person involved – Other details: It was dark and I was traumatized, so I did not get a description. Both guys appeared to be in their 20’s.” 

~ RS Source


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