Important Message From The North Park Fire Department




North Park firefighters responded to twelve calls in quick succession due to the storm that had passed through. While this isn’t a record for us, it certainly taxes our resources quickly, especially during day time hours when most of our volunteer personnel are at work.

Some things to consider during and after a storm when we’re out:

–If an emergency vehicle is trying to block the road with lights activated, turn around. We’re probably trying to keep you from making contact with power lines that are low, on the ground, or likely going to fall. The village kindly placed barricades for us at two locations yesterday so we could free up crews, please respect the barricades as well.

  • RS note: We have been told of several scenes on Tuesday that had disorderly citizens, while emergency personnel worked storm related scenes. No arrests that we are aware of. If you see emergency personnel, turn around.  If you see a down wire, turn around. If you see a down pole or tree, turnaround…

–We usually can’t stay and “babysit” arcing lines that are elevated, especially if there’s no imminent hazard. We don’t necessarily want to leave, but when calls are piling up we need to investigate them all to see where our most significant hazards are. Crews will inform residents to the best of our ability about the situation. We’re at the mercy of ComEd to come fix these situations as much as you are, and if we’re overwhelmed with storm calls, they definitely are as well.

  • RS note:  As of 2:30 am Thursday morning, Comed is reporting 18 outages in Winnebago County still. 

As always, thanks for your patience and understanding during storms.


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