Illinois FOID/CCL FAQ’s During The Covid-19 Pandemic


**FOID/CCL Emergency Rules FAQs:
We put together a list of Frequently Asked Questions related to the FOID/CCL Emergency Rules.
Q. My FOID card is expired last week and I just sent in my renewal. How do these rules affect me?
A. FOID cards will remain valid during the duration of the state’s disaster proclamation and for a period of 12 months following the termination of the disaster even if a renewal application is/was not submitted prior to expiration
Q: My FOID card shows that it is expired, but these rules mean that it is still valid. I went to my local dealer and they refused to sell me ammunition and/or a firearm. Why?
A: Dealers are required to check your FOID card before selling ammunition and/or a firearm. A dealer may decline to sell ammunition and/or a firearm if they so choose. Policies on this issue may vary from store to store. Federal regulations pertaining to the purchase of ammunition and firearms have not changed.
Q: I am a CCL holder. How can I complete my three-hour training?
A: Renewal applications will be accepted without proof that renewal training is completed. CCL licensees will need to submit proof of their three-hour renewal training within 12 months following the termination of the state’s disaster proclamation in order to maintain the validity of their CCL license.
Q: My Illinois DL or ID card is expired, may I apply for a FOID/CCL?
A: Yes, per the Governor’s Executive Order, expired DL or ID cards will be treated as valid for the duration of the disaster proclamation and 30 days thereafter.
Q: If my FOID card expired in February, and I just sent in my FOID card renewal application, and the disaster order terminates in August, is my FOID card valid through August of 2021??
A: Yes.
Q: I submitted a FOID/CCL application last month. Are new FOID and CCL applications still being processed or only applications for renewal?
A: New applications are being processed, but you should expect delays. Like all entities, our normal operations have been impacted by COVID 19.
Q: My FOID/CCL expired three months ago, and I haven’t submitted a renewal application as of today. Can I submit my late FOID/CCL renewal application now in order for my expired FOID/CCL to remain valid, or was there a specific time frame I needed to do this in, in order for it to remain valid?
A: Your expired FOID/CCL will remain valid for the duration of the disaster proclamation plus 12 months. If you fail to file a renewal application during that time frame, your FOID/CCL license will expire once the 12-month period has elapsed.


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