FOIA Request: In regards to the “Community Camera Network” program

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As you know we file Freedom Of Information Act requests
to bring our viewers some more information on local incidents and other things. 

Below is the FOIA request we filed today. 

Not many citizens are aware that the local police can access your home security systems if they want too. Including your ring camera systems. 
If your system is connected to the internet, Police can gain access to it. 
If you can view your system on your cell phone, so can the police.

The local police provide citizens the chance to do it voluntarily, via


We filed a FOIA request for the following information in regards to the “Community Camera Network” program. 

* Information and statistics on Rockford Police and the Community Camera Network

Information in regards to:
* How many cameras are active participants in the”Community Camera Network” program.

* How many crimes have been solved, Directly from the Community Camera Network.
(Also provide those case numbers)       

* Stats on how effective or non effective, the Community Camera Network program is with RPD

*  Information on the “Community Camera Network” program

View it directly at CLICK HERE


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