FOIA: Reports Of Police Beating A Man, We Filed A FOIA To Prove Or Disprove These Claims…

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Note: Scroll down to read the FOIA request

Rockford Police released this information on the incident.  They have not responded back to our Freedom Of Information Act request.    Several witnesses are reporting that they witnessed police viciously beat the man in custody. But police have not released any information about the beating or responded back to our FOIA.

Sources are reporting the police conducted a traffic stop in the 1800 block of Douglas earlier today.

During the incident, witnesses are reporting the police beat a man at the scene.

We made a post about it and several officers were talking shit about RS for making the story public,
because they did not want the story public.   

So it gave me a perfect idea!

 We are going to file a Freedom of Information Act request, to prove or disprove what actually happened. 

We were told by several witnesses it originated in the 1800 block of Douglas, as a traffic stop. 
Several witnesses said that police viciously beat a man at the scene. 

Police officers said there was no beating. 

So now is a good time for the local police who promised the public “TRANSPARENCY”,
to show they are transparent and to prove what actually took place.   

We filed a FOIA request on the incident to either prove or disprove what actually happened. 

Police have approved open investigations.
CLICK HERE or Scroll Down to see that they DO approve OPEN INVESTIGATIONS

So if they deny this FOIA:
Then it just goes to show that there may be some validity to these claims and they once lied again to the public about being “transparent since encrypting”. 
OR it will prove that no beating took place at all…   

Let’s see just how transparent the police are…    

So either the police beat this man like several witnesses are reporting. 
Or the police are right, and no beating took place…  

Bring on the transparency you proimised,
and show the public WHAT REALLY HAPPENED!

FOIA has been sent, awaiting response. 


All parties involved are innocent, until proven guilty in a court of law. We can only provide information that IS provided to us.  As you know, the local police encrypted and are not transparent. Some information may not be accurate. If there are any errors please let us know so we can try to possibly correct the errors.  Several people have asked questions, and we have tried to answer as many as possible on our FAQ page.  You can follow us on Twitter, Youtube, Facebook



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