FOIA Approval: CAD Tickets For The Alpine Bank Robbery, The Security Guard Killed The Robbery Suspect

Please be advised the video contains graphic content that may shock, offend, and/or upset some viewers.


On January 20th 2017 at approx. 3:51 pm several emergency personnel responded to the Alpine Bank for an armed robbery and a shooting victim.

The would be alleged armed robbery suspect that was later identified as 34 year old Laurence Turner was wearing a Blue ski mask, Grey sweatshirt and a vest and armed with a gun and a bag.

He allegedly went into the Alpine Bank at 2218 N. Mulford Road and fired his weapon at the ceiling.

The Metro Enforcement security guard who was later identified as Brian Harrison was working and standing near the bank tellers and 1 customer was in the drive thru, when Mr Turner came in and fired his weapon during the armed robbery attempt.

Security guard Mr. Harrison then in return fired his weapon at the suspect.

Approx. 5 gunshots were reported to be fired according to the FOIA release. A witness reported 3 gunshots, then 2 more.


Mr Turner was running out the door when he fell in the doorway of the bank.

Mr Turner was still alive as Mr Harrison went after the suspect.

According to the CAD reports, Mr Harrison was having a hard time keeping the suspect Mr Turner down.
But the video that was later released to the public shows that Mr Turner was not struggling and Mr Harrison did not have a hard time keeping him down.

Mr Harrison was able to get the gun away from the suspect and put him into handcuffs.

Mr Turner died in the doorway of the bank.  Mr Turner was laying face down in handcuffs when they pronounced him dead.

There is no documentation if Mr Harrison or if anyone else performed medical assistance on Mr Turner as he laid there in the doorway of the bank.

During this time there were reports of a possible 2nd suspect.

But after investigating they determined the 2nd suspect reports were unfounded.

Rockford Fire Department was on scene and pronounced the death of Mr Turner at 4 PM.

These are the documents the City Of Rockford has released to Rockford Scanner
on the incident, released to RS in February 2020.



Please be advised the video contains graphic content that may shock, offend, and/or upset some viewers.

Sources: City of Rockford, Youtube

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