Dog Owner Apologizes To The Rolling Green Neighborhood

RS Source S. A. sent us this and asked if we could post it for her.
She wanted to post a public apology to her neighborhood, for her dog getting loose. 

“Dear Rolling Green Neighbors, I am sorry on behalf of myself and my dog. I have several measures set up to keep him from getting out, but I swear it his life goal to escape at any cost. If I chase him, he only runs further away and is impossible to catch. I know that I am a terrible dog owner/trainer, but I assure you I am trying my best. It’s also not possible for me to chase him around the neighborhood and leave my infant at home. Please walk away from him, don’t engage, the more he has to bark at, the longer he wanders. It is my problem if he gets hit by a car, not yours. I promise to do everything I can to prevent these instances from happening. And forgive my lack of patience and colorful language, it is stressful, but that’s no excuse. Thanks! Sincerely, the dumb a$$ owner of the annoying dog”

The owner told us she realizes she has made several residents in the Rolling Green neighborhood mad. And that her dog is harmless and is now back home safe. And she wanted to post a public apology for angering the people in Rolling Green area.

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