City Shuts Down Rockford Scanner’s Idea, On Providing The Community A Safe Method On Battling Crime..



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Rockford Scanner has been trying to build a boxing gym for the city of Rockford. 

The reason being: We feel that things could be settled in a boxing ring, instead of using violence and firearms. 

Crime has been on the rise, for many years.  Regardless of what our local leaderships say… 

Come to find out, a high ranking officer on the Rockford Police Department owns a gym. 

They considered our idea for the gym, “competition”  and have been fighting our idea for awhile now. 

Rockford Scanner tosses in the towel,   
We are no longer going to pursue this idea. 

This was supposed to be a POSITIVE means for the community to settle their beefs,
inside a boxing ring.


The city of Rockford,  I guess chooses to have the community shoot each other,
instead of boxing their beefs out in a ring???  

Either way, we are done pursuing this project idea because city leaders are fighting against this positive idea. 

They are using the excuse “RS is inciting violence”   because we want to build a boxing ring for the community, to settle their beefs.
(It is not illegal, and has been proven in other cities that it is an effective way to combat crime.)

So wouldn’t that mean this officers gym, is doing the same thing???  

Sad, we are trying to promote positive things for the community, and the leadership
“Shoots RS down” 

Now we ask the question:
Why does the city of Rockford,
Oppose an idea that would help the community in a POSITIVE way and help prevent crimes???

Maybe someone reading this, can have better luck and actually make this happen! 

Other cities have done this, and it has helped combat crimes.   Their crime rates dropped.


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