BREAKING NEWS: Possible Fatal Shooting On The East Side

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UPDATE: Confirmed Fatal Shooting

Sources are reporting a possible fatal shooting on the East side. 

It happened around 9:35 pm at the gas station in the 2200 block of Charles.

Reports of approx. 6-12 gunshots were fired.

One male shooting victim, with life threatening injuries.

The male was shot in the stomach and they were doing CPR on the victim.

No suspect information. Still developing.

Update: RPD said the shooting was at the Stop n Go.  RS admin Will said it was near the gas staion, but not at it. He said it appeared to be more behind the gas station, than actually at it.

RS source said: ” I was pulling into the Sam’s pizza parking lot at approximately 9:35 PM. While still in my vehicle on Charles Street I heard six rapid shots go off to my left (south side of the street)directly across the street from Sam’s Pizza. It sounded like it came from behind the laundromat. By the time I came out of Sam’s, police were arriving in droves, along with fire trucks. It did not sound like the shots came from the Stop-n-go gas station, but rather from behind the laundromat on the corner. The shots were a small caliber gun by the sounds of it, maybe a .380. It was not a large caliber, nor was it small like a .22. I’m a firearms guy and know these sounds. Only one squad car was at the Stop-n-go. But there were numerous squads and officers behind the laundromat ”



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