Attention Aviation Fans: Boeing 747-400 Scheduled To Depart Rockford Airport Later Today

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Rockford Airport KRFD

Attention Aviation Fans: Listen to the Rockford Airport:   CLICK HERE

As you know we like to post about the interesting stuff that goes on out at the Rockford Airport at times.

Today approx. 5 pm there is going to be a beautiful Boeing 747-400 that will be departing the Rockford Airport.

Note: Schedule may vary some.
Especially with aircraft and how busy KRFD is right now. So get there early and expect to stay later.

If you are not familiar with this kind of aircraft. They are very large airplanes. They transport people, cargo, etc..

Sources at the airport have told us the aircraft is departing Rockford and headed to Kirchberg, Germany.

Stop on out at the airport and watch this beauty take off 🙂

If you need some general information on how to plane spot at the Rockford Airport, CLICK HERE

If you want to read up on the Boeing 747-400, CLICK HERE

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