Antonov An-124 Has Landed At The Rockford Airport, You Can View It At The International Terminal

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Update: The Antonov-124 which is the world’s largest cargo aircraft has landed at the Rockford Airport.

Several showed up to watch it land.  RS sources sent these awesome video’s of it landing, along with the photo above.
The photo above is the Anonov-124 that is now currently on the ground at the Rockford Airport and parked at the International terminal.

You can drive into the airport parking lot, and go up to the fence and see it up close.

It is not yet known when it will take off. If we find out, we will update this.

Thank you for sharing the video and photo with us!

Several sources at the Rockford Airport have reported that an Antonov An-124 is about to land at the Rockford Airport. 

Sources said the Antonov An-124 departed Germany and is headed for the Rockford Airport.

It is scheduled to land around 11 pm.

Sources said it is going to land on runway 7/25.

Sources said it will probably use the ILS on runway 7 to land.

The best place to view that, is on Beltline rd at Kishwaukee.

If it does happen to land on 25, then the best place would be on Falcon rd.

Both places are marked on the map.

If you do go out and watch it land,  be very careful and send us your video/photos!

You can learn more about the Antonov-124 at



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