Another Victim Robbed, By Suspects Posing As Utility Workers…



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Another Victim Robbed, By Suspects Posing As Utility Workers…

RS source Sara Taylor posted the following on her social media page. 

She said 3 men posing as utility workers, robbed her father. 


Her post on social media said: “PLEASE SHARE
This afternoon, a man came to my fathers down(home) and stated they were with the city water department and needed to check my dads water and some other things. One man came in the house and turned his water on and then him and my father went to the backyard. While 2 other men came into the home and stole and robbed my dad, they got his gun, money, and jewelry(a few of the items being his wedding rings) and who knows what else. If ANYONE, anyone at all recognizes either of these 2 men, I am BEGGING you to please call the police! A police report has been filed and crime scene came and took photos for evidence. My dad is ok and was not hurt but I am sure he is shook up. Please share this to try and catch these a**holes! This makes my blood boil and I am angry

I will also add that they were in a darker suv of some sort(maybe a Ford with tinted windows)
And there was a total of THREE(3) men, 2 were Caucasian and 1 African American

City of Rockford just released some information recently, you can read at ~  Click Here


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