Another Possible Rape Victim in Downtown Rockford

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Note: We sat on this story, in hopes on transparency. And once again, silence…

Sources are reporting another possible rape victim
in downtown Rockford. 

Sources said there was a naked female that was thrown out of a vehicle near E State and 2nd around 11:30 pm last night.   

Numerous reports to us, have said that it was another possible rape victim.

RPD have not confirmed anything, nor have they released any information.  

Their call logs do confirm they worked a “Medical Assist”  

As you know, there has been a serial rapist running rampant around Winnebago County raping numerous women.

RPD have confirmed the serial rapist awhile back ago,
but have been silent on it ever since…

 If officials release information, we will update this. 


All parties involved are innocent, until proven guilty in a court of law. We can only provide information that IS provided to us.  As you know, the local police encrypted and are not transparent. Some information may not be accurate. If there are any errors please let us know so we can try to possibly correct the errors.  Several people have asked questions, and we have tried to answer as many as possible on our FAQ page.  You can follow us on Twitter, Youtube, Facebook



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