Alleged ex-Blackhawk Firefighter Steven Ashley Tries To Meetup With An Underage Girl, BUSTED!

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Worldwide Predator Hunters have conducted a few stings in the area, to catch alleged sexual predators.

One of them included a man named Steven Alan Ashley, who claimed to be a Blackhawk Firefighter.

Worldwide Predator Hunters said: He did message one of our decoys on a dating app, had an explicit conversation with them that started on December 20, 2019 and came to an end on January 5th, 2020, when he was exposed.

Meet Steven Alan Ashley, age 28. They thought they were meeting a 15 year old for sex. They met Hunter Jay instead!  1/5/2020

steven ashley, janesville, rockford, ff, fire, fighter, fire fighter, firefighter, sexual predator, blackhawk firefighter

You can view the full video from the Worldwide Predator Hunters with the sting of alleged Blackhawk firefighter Steven Ashley.

You can see approx. 10 minutes into the video the alleged suspect Steven Ashley claiming to be a Blackhawk Firefighter.

Note: We reached out to get Mr. Ashley side of the story to add his side of the story to this article, and the person on the phone refused to talk to us or give us any kind of statement and hung up on us.

28 m meeting 14 year old girl

Posted by Worldwide predator hunters inc on Saturday, January 4, 2020

“Worldwide Predator Hunters” : The group conducts sting operations posing as teenagers to catfish potential online predators before confronting them on Facebook Live.

They use “decoy” profiles of fictional children to attract adults alleged to be seeking illicit contact with minors. If an adult shows up for the meeting with the fictional child, these meetings are recorded, and the videos are released on social media

From the Worldwide Predators website:

What We Do

Our method of raising awareness about the epidemic of child abuse involves a multi-facet operation: predator exposure and registry, the hosting of awareness events, and community outreach and education.

How We Hunt

Once an adult contacts one of our decoys on a dating site, the decoy immediately claims to be underage. Normal people discontinue the conversation at this point. The ones that attempt to groom the decoy and ask to meet are exposed by our Hunter Department. We escalate the case to law enforcement, and supply police with the incriminating evidence we have gathered. Attempts are also made to refer these predators to getting psychological help. From there, our marketing team updates our online registry and alerts the community. Our decoy, research, hunting, and marketing departments are groups of skilled volunteers. We do this as a public service to our communities. NO ONE under the age of 18 is EVER involved with WWPH stings. If you are interested in helping us, please visit our Support page.

Our Vision

To protect children by identifying and exposing online child predators. To raise awareness about this epidemic within the community. To provide community education about safe internet practices.

To bridge the gap between hunters and local law enforcement agencies. To assist in the capture and conviction of child sex offenders. To help sexual predators find psychological help, and be safe members of society.

Above all, to Keep Kids Safe. We Won’t Stop!


We asked them a few questions, below are their responses.

  • Tell us about your group?
            Worldwide Predator Hunters is an online child safety group. We sit on dating apps and wait for individuals to message who they think are a child but are really adults.
  • When did you start your group?
                       August 2018
  • Why did you start it?
                     I was a victim as a child which is still traumatizing even as an adult, so I decided to protect children and online is a dangerous place, not many  parents tend to monitor their child’s phone.
  • What is your short term and long term goals?
                    Short Term would be to come to an agreement with District Attorneys so they will start prosecuting these individuals and we can start removing  them from the streets.
                    Long Term
  • How many people are apart of your group?
                              Approx. 25 and still growing daily.
  • You get paid or all volunteer?
                             Everyone is a volunteer.
  • How do you find suspects?
                            Decoys will download dating site apps and any social media programs, create profiles and wait for a individual to message them.
 Once an individual messages the decoy and they begin texting the decoy within 3 to 5 responses will ask the individuals age and state theirs as well, some individuals choose to decline, some decline but continue, some decline and will at some point in time return to chat. In time they will begin speaking sexually, sending explicit photos and some even send explicit videos, then eventually they start  wanting to meet, which then arrangements are made and the individual is met by our Hunters and security team.
  • How often do you do stings?
                               As often as possible, it’s very time consuming, we don’t just talk to them and as soon as they begin speaking in a sexual matter go  expose them, we like to have as much conversation as possible, the more intense the better the chances of harsher consequences when and if they are charged, the more chat the better the chance of Private Detectives at the least view the case to see if they can create a case.
  • Police agencies assist your group?
    Some do, some choose to not even respond when we send all the information of the individual along with all files to them, even when we do follow up with them when we haven’t heard from them in a period of time we still get no responses.
     Some just absolutely refuse to work with us and will begin using the “Vigilante,” speech.
  • How often do the suspects get arrested?
    Depends on the state we’re working with, Minnesota is a big fan, we also work with the BCA there which has  had us lure individuals to a sting house.
    At this time we currently 50 exposures, 10 arrests and 9 convictions.
  • Kind of equipment do you use?  Cell phones, computers, body cameras and some do wear bullet proof vests.

steven ashley, janesville, rockford, ff, fire, fighter, fire fighter, firefighter, sexual predator, blackhawk firefighter

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