About Rockford Scanner & Rickie

Rockford Scanner


About Rockford Scanner:   Rickie Traeger created Rockford Scanner in the late 2000’s. 

He started it as a website for police scanner hobbyist. 

Then it rapidly grew and we had to expand our website servers and get a business license and a trademark. 

It is now the areas leading news website. 

Local news agencies get news information from Rockford Scanner.

We have a very large and loyal fan base. 

What started off as a hobby, grew into the areas leading news website. 

We provide our fans with news related information, events, weather, plus much more! 


About Rickie

Rickie Traeger was born and raised in the Rockford, IL area and has lived here all his life.  His dad and grandpa always had a police scanner on while he grew up. So Rickie was around the police scanner hobby his whole life. There was always a police scanner on somewhere. 

He enjoys listening to the scanner because not only it reminds him of his dad and grandpa that passed away recently, but he is also able to provide information to the public so people know what roads to avoid for accidents and other traffic hazards, provide suspect information so fans can be on the lookout and be safe, but he enjoys help spreading the word on the scanner hobby. If someone uses a radio, odds are you can hear them. 

Rickie enjoys photography, spending a lot of time in the outdoors, looking up at the stars at night time, storm chasing, playing guitar, ham radio, aviation, playing the PS4.  And most importantly he loves spending time with his family and loved ones!

You can catch him on the airwaves too!  He is a ham radio operator!  His call-sign is WX9RLT.  He is very active with the Northern Illinois Skywarn and Northern Illinois ARES and RARA. He is on the local repeaters rag-chewing, but also as a net control operator for both the Skywarn and ARES organizations. You can catch him on APRS and on simplex and the HF bands as well!  He has earned his Worked All States award and also the Counties Award. And he is currently working on earning more awards.  He enjoys working special event stations and collecting QSL cards. He is a member of the OMISS (#10766) and the YL System (#17123) on the HF bands. 

You can learn more about him on his personal website at http://RickieTraeger.com