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About Rockford Scanner & Rickie

Rockford Scanner


About Rockford Scanner

Our Mission Keeping the citizens in and around Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin informed with breaking news, events, plus much more.

Rockford Scanner is not affiliated with any police departments, fire departments, EMS departments, or any other government agency.

Rickie Traeger founded Rockford Scanner. 

Rockford Scanner has a very large and strong loyal fan base that follow our website and social media on a daily basis.
Our social media accounts are around 150,000 fans!

Rockford Scanner is the areas leading online news website!

Rockford Scanner is proud to bring excellent coverage of breaking news and  your events! Our fan base is literally all over the world!  We have had fans email us from small islands in the middle of the ocean to amazing USA troops across seas, keeping up to date on what is going on back home. The majority of our fan base is localized in the Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin area.

Be sure to bookmark our website and follow us on social media!

About Rickie

Rickie Traeger was born and raised in the Rockford, IL area and has lived here all his life.  His dad and grandpa always had a police scanner on while he grew up. So Rickie was around the police scanner hobby his whole life. There was always a police scanner on somewhere. 

He enjoys listening to the scanner because not only it reminds him of his dad and grandpa that passed away recently, but he is also able to provide information to the public so people know what roads to avoid for accidents and other traffic hazards, provide suspect information so fans can be on the lookout and be safe, but he enjoys help spreading the word on the scanner hobby. If someone uses a radio, odds are you can hear them. 

You can learn more about him on his personal website at 

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